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Need to transport your vehicle from one city to another city in the USA?

Well, there are primarily two ways to do so, viz., Enclosed Auto Transport and Open Auto transport. In this article, we are going to answer all of the basic questions regarding “Open Car Transport.”

Note: We are going to discuss money in detail, so read the full article!

What is Open Car Transport?

Open Car Transport is a type of transport in which a car or any automobile is transported from one city to another on an open truck or any other carrier vehicle that is not enclosed by four walls.
As several cars are transported simultaneously on one vehicle, it costs a lot less to transport your vehicles via open car transport from one city to another as compared to the cost of enclosed car transport.
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Is this even safe?

In one word, YES!

Even though open car transport comes with a slight chance of your vehicle facing problems due to erratic weather, birds, or dust, but it is completely safe.

How can we say this?

Well, every year there are thousands of people who opt for this service and transport their car via open car transportation system. If thousands of people are trusting this service regularly, there must be something good in it, isn’t it?

Cost Calculation

The cost of Open Car Transportation depends upon several factors as listed below:

  • Distance

What is the exact distance between the boarding and dropping point of the car?

  • Route

What type of route will the transport vehicle pass? Are there any excessive traffic jams or road closures? Is the route a direct route?

  • Car Type

Is your car a vintage, custom, sports, or any luxury car?

  • Region

Is your destination a rural area? Is the pickup point of your vehicle a rural area too? It can boost up your price.

  • Season

Summer is the peak season of cars transportation. Naturally, it will cost you more to transport your vehicle in summer. But still, we would recommend you to contact us for a more detailed quote.

  • Extra services

Are you opting for any extra services for your vehicle like insurance or expedited shipping? It can increase your transportation price a lot.

Pro Tip: It will cost you a lot more if your car isn’t in proper working condition. So, make sure your car is in driving condition to decrease your cost of transportation.

How much will it cost?

Let us now discuss the most important factor amongst all, the money!
Cheer up because open car transport costs a lot less than enclosed car transport. On average, you can save around $300-$500 by choosing open car transport over enclosed car transport. But if the safety of the car is your priority, we would always recommend going for an Enclosed Car Transport.
On average an Open Car Transportation costs around $500-$7000 for less than 500 miles and can go up to around $1200-$1500 for a distance greater than 2500 miles. But these numbers are just an average idea of the basic cost. For a customized quote, you can give us a call now!

Concluding Note:

It always feels good when someone is there to solve all your problems. Well, consider CMS Divine as your transport buddy. We will always be there to help you at each step of your vehicle transportation process. If you have made your mind about open car transportation, then we are just one call away to explain to you every detail of this process.
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