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We understand that you might be living in country thousands of miles away from the USA but still want a car being auctioned in the USA. We totally respect car lovers like you and therefore we at CMSDIVINE are always eager to help you. So here it is, in this article, we will take you through the processes of buying a car at an auction in the USA and how CMSDVINE can help you make your dream of owning that lovely car you are thinking of right now into a reality. Let’s get started.

Note: If you have already bought a vehicle in the USA and looking for a transportation guide, this article might help you. Cheers!

Well, the answer depends upon the type of auction. There are primarily two types of auctions:

  • Public Auctions
  • Dealer Auctions

Most of the auctions are open for bidding to anyone- national or international. But some biddings are reserved for car dealers who are buying cars for increasing the number of cars in their inventory. These auctions can’t be accessed by common people like you and me and thus CMSDIVINE becomes important.

No matter where you are located and in which type of auction do you want to participate, CMSDIVINE can do the bidding for you and help you purchase the car.

It’s always better to prepare yourself before an auction so that you get your desired car without any extra hustle. Some extremely important steps while purchasing a car at an auction are:


It’s crucial that you research the type of car you want. You should be looking for the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a car you want to buy in auction. Through VIN you can check the vehicle history report very easily by using any free website. The vehicle history report includes:

  • A list of previous owners of that car
  • History of accidents of that car
  • Title information and liens held on the vehicle
  • Service history and recall notices
  • Odometer readings

Just like your fingerprint, every auction is unique too.

Every auction has its own set of terms on return of the car, bidding method, payment method, identification method, if pre-registration is required or not. If you are living in Western Europe or Africa, it might not be possible for you to abide by all of these rules.

And therefore, CMSDIVINE has made all these processes extremely simple. You don’t need to do anything except for telling us your requirement. That’s it! Our team will handle everything on its own.

Well, consider you hire CMSDIVINE for bidding on behalf of you at the auction, what will be the approximate time in which you will receive your car?

The time consumed in all of these processes generally can be divided into three parts

  • Pre-Auction Processes
  • Auction
  • Post-Auction Processes

Pre-Auction Processes:  It includes how many days before the auction you contact us. It is totally fine if you don’t know about the auctions in the USA. We can find an auction according to your requirement. It can sometimes take as little as a week time or even some months depending upon your requirement.

During Auction: It generally takes a day or two at the actual auction to buy your car. During the auction, the time is consumed in the paperwork and some final steps that include, maintenance record transfer, a bill of sale, valid payment, a title transfer, seller removing their insurance policy, and the key transfer.

Important Note: You don’t have to be present at the time of the auction if you have already contacted and hired CMSDIVINE to bid on your behalf at the auction.

Post Auction Process: After the car is being sold to your agent or broker, they generally ship it to your destination via container or RORO shipping depending upon your requirements.

Explore more: You can read more about RORO shipping and container shipping in detail from here.

Bidding in the auction of the USA from Europe or Africa can be very costly if the broker charges a high commission from you. CMSDIVINE is working day and night to serve car lovers like you. CMSDIVINE charges as low as $200 as commission charges once you finalize your requirement with us. This charge is reduced by 50% on every vehicle if you chose to buy 3 or more vehicles through us. If you want to know more about how the pricing works with CMSDIVINE, you can always give us a call or drop a mail. Our team of highly qualified individuals is always eager to help.

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We are proud to say that over the last few years we have achieved a milestone of 1000s of vehicle deliveries and brought a smile to our customer’s faces. Want to experience the same? Contact Us now.

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There is no match for experience, isn’t it? We are a team of highly experienced members with each member specializing in their respective field.

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We are always focused on our customer’s requirements. From the time you contact us for your requirement, we’ll be there for you just like F.R.I.E.ND.S.

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The one key factor that separates us from our competition is our honesty and integrity with charges. We have always tried to keep our price affordable and never ever tricked any customer into a hidden cost. We are sincere that way.