In order to locate a vehicle/camper/motorcycle or any other desired motorized or non motorized property, Divine Motors LLC is charging 200$ commission fee (if you buy 3 or more vehicles you get a discount of 50% for each transaction)

Commission fee is Non refundable if customer decides not to proceed with further purchase.

As soon as the customer is ready to go with Divine Motors LLC in locating their dream motorized or non motorized property , the customer will be invoiced for a $200 commission fee.

Additionally, it is possible for the customer who is willing to have a presale mechanical inspection done by a reputable unbiased mechanic shop.

There will be a service charge of a minimum $200 for that service obtained by Divine Motors LLC. Report will be provided to the customer who can make a buying decision based on that report.

After the desired property is located, inspected and its a definite choice by a customer, Divine Motors LLC will be invoicing the customer with the FULL Dollar amount necessary to finalize and secure the sale (Excluding shipping and freight) Shipping and freight Dollar Amount will be invoiced later.

If the desired property is located at one of the auto auctions, all bidding will be done only after the full amount is prepaid to Divine Motors LLC.

Vehicles or other property can be purchased by Divine Motors LLC through any licensed auto dealerships throughout the whole USA or through licensed Auto Auctions: mostly common are CoPArt, Crashed Toys, Manheim and IAAI.