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How can I shift my vehicle to another country from the USA? If I participate in car auctions in the USA from my country, how will I receive my vehicle? Is there any way to transport commercial vehicles to other countries? How much will it cost?

Do these questions trouble you too?

Well, let’s solve all your problems in this article. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can transport your vehicle overseas without any damage to your vehicle. We will be discussing which methods are best and what are the charges of transporting your vehicles overseas and what factors influence the price. So, Let’s get started.

How can I transport my vehicles overseas?

Shipping vehicles overseas is a delicate process where utmost care of the vehicle is required. Primarily, the vehicle can be shipped overseas via three methods:

  • Container Shipping
  • RORO Shipping
  • Air Freight

Since we understand that budget is a big concern while shipping vehicles overseas, we would always recommend to chose either Container Shipping or RORO shipping as they are the most commonly used and trusted methods.

What is Container Shipping?

The container industry is an old industry dating its root to 1956. In this type of shipping, the freight is loaded in a 20ft or a 40ft steel container depending upon the dimensions of the vehicle. One container is generally shared between many vehicles and therefore, it reduces the cost of the shipping of one vehicle. One ship then carries multiple containers overseas the thus delivery of the cargo is done.

If you want to read about container shipping in detail, here is an article to help you out. (In the future, if you decide to have an article dedicated to container shipping, this text will act as an anchor text to link this article to that article).

What is RORO shipping?

Imagine someone picks your vehicle from your doorstep and takes care of the whole process by themselves, sound time-saving, and hassle-free, right?

Welcome to the concept of Roll On Roll Off shipping!

You can directly transport your vehicle to the departure port terminal yourself or hire someone to transport it. In RORO shipping your vehicle will not be inspected by port terminal authorities and thus no inspection report will be issued. This might change the insurance equation as there is no prior inspection report of the vehicle.

Your vehicle will not be loaded into a container but will be parked on the ship. Imagine RORO shipping as a plethora of vehicles parked in a big floating parking space. After reaching the desired destination you can take your vehicle from the shipping terminal on your own or hire someone to do that for you.

How much will it cost?

It all boils down to this one question, how much will it cost?

Don’t worry!!! RORO shipping isn’t that costly when compared to container shipping. To give you an idea the cost of RORO shipping starts at around $1000 and will vary depending upon your requirements and a lot of other factors. The final price of transferring the vehicles overseas depends upon a lot of factors like:

  • Size (Dimensions) of the cargo
  • Port of loading
  • Port of discharge
  • If will you deliver the cargo to the port or not?

Based on the above factors a final quote will be provided by your freight transporter. You can contact us now for a customized quote. We will make sure that you get the best services at the lowest price possible.

Concluding Note:

Shipping your vehicles overseas is now a lot more easier and cost-effective than it was a few decades back. So, what are you waiting for? Participate in any motorized vehicle auction in the USA and leave the delivery part to us.

Still, got questions?

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