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There are primarily three ways to transport your vehicle overseas, i.e., Container Shipping, RORO shipping, air freight.

In container shipping, your vehicle is transported in a 20ft or 40ft container depending upon the dimensions of your vehicle. The container will be placed on the ship and transported to the desired location.

Roll On Roll Off shipping can be easily visualized as your vehicle parked in a moving garage. Here the moving garage is the ship itself. Contrary to container shipping, there is no container in RORO shipping.

The decision to choose RORO shipping or container shipping primarily depends upon:

· Extra Space- RORO shipping is exclusively for “empty” vehicles. Therefore, you can not ship your personal items inside the vehicle whereas in container shipping you can fill your vehicle with personal items and use them as an extra space.

· Insurance- While RORO shipping might cost you less than container shipping in some cases, but the insurance cover is comparatively less than container shipping. The reason for this is due to the lack of inspection reports at the port. Therefore, RORO shipments are generally only insured for total loss.

· Speed- RORO ships are generally slower as they require a deep water port. But the speed can vary according to different factors. Contact Us now for an estimated delivery time for your vehicle.

The charges of RORO shipping depend upon many factors like:

· Size of the cargo

· Port of loading

· Port of discharge

· If you will yourself deliver the cargo to the port or not?

Considering all of the above factors, a final quote is prepared by CMSDIVINE. But to give you a rough idea of the charges, a cargo shipment from Florida to UAE will approximately cost around

$1400. The final quote will vary depending upon a number of factors. You can read more about the charges from here.

Thousands of vehicles are being transported through RORO shipping as of now and very rarely is we receive a case of negligence. So, YES!!! It is completely safe. You can read more about the stats of RORO shipping from here.

· Your vehicle should be completely empty, i.e., you cannot use the space inside your vehicle as extra freight space.

· Your fuel tank should be only ¼ filled with its maximum capacity.

· The keys of your vehicle should remain with the vehicle all the time.

· Your vehicle must be in a state where it can be driven, towed, or forklifted by any other crane.

There are many more things that you must know before choosing RORO shipping. You can refer to this blog for more details.

Our highly trusted agents will take custody of your vehicle at the port in front of Port and Customs Officials and therefore, a power of attorney is required to represent on your behalf.

Can I fill the interior of my vehicle with my belongings and use it as an extra freight space?

Unfortunately, in RORO shipments, your vehicle should be entirely empty with no personal belongings inside the vehicle.

Documents are required to vary according to the ownership of the vehicle. If the vehicle is owned by the person and is paid off:

· Original Title

· Bill of Sale

· EIN number

If the vehicle at the time of shipping has a lien:

· An ORIGINAL signed letter of permission

· Copy of the Passport

· Notarized copy of the title


· Letter of permission should be original and not a photocopy.